One-Stop Service

Product/const management and quality control in both US and Japan.

Complete plant construction, transport and installation of equipment, follow-up services, etc.

Help to reduce your overhead costs by simplifying your project management responsibilities.

Price Competitiveness

For over 20 years, MPCI has maintained a high level of price competitiveness by utilizing experience and knowledge of our customers to their advantage as well as building strong relationships with our vendors.

We conduct extensive equipment inspections at the onset of a project which allows you to reduce any additional work on your part as well as simplifying your project management responsibilities.


MPCI strives to satisfy the same expectations of work abroad by utilizing Japanese personnel and coordination with Marubeni Protechs.

We help collect important industrial information by utilizing our extensive network of “Sogo Shosha” (general trading company).

Our electrical engineers, who are experienced in auto part manufacturing industry, are available 24/7 to provide outside service for designing and building production line, etc.